Tunesday Review numero dos!


Hard to believe we’re already a week from our last Tunesday Review!  Where does the time go?  Anyway, here we go. 

With Christmas drawing ever closer, I find that my taste in music has taken on a seasonal flavor.  So, here’s what I’m listening to this week!

If you like Christmas music, you have to listen to this cd!  With classics like “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, and “Silent Night” you can’t go wrong.  But, the original tracks on the record are entertaining and relatable, making them the perfect playlist for your holiday season!  Oh, and did I mention…it’s RELIENT K!  So you know it’s good ;D

You can find this album in select stores and most online sources.  Thanks for reading!



Matt’s Top 5 Musicians

In my life, there have been many influential artists to come and go. But, there are a few that have stood the test of time, and have been deemed my top 5 favorite musicians!  Here is the countdown!

#5  Pomplamoose-

Pomplamoose is a band from California comprised of two fantastic individuals known as Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn.  They are by far two of the most creative and interesting people I’ve ever seen.  Although I’ve not met them yet, I do hope to work with them in the future.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll interview them soon! ;D  Anyways, when you get the chance you should watch all of their Youtube videos because they are not only entertaining, but inspirational if you think of yourself as a multi-instrumentalist.

#4  Phil Keaggy-

Phil Keaggy is a long time inspiration in my life, as well as my father’s.  If you’ve read the About section of our page, you know that my Dad’s musical history has had a huge impact on my life.  When I was younger, Phil Keaggy was one of the only musicians my Dad listened to, and I would venture to say that Phil is my Dad’s biggest musical influence.

#3  Sky Eats Airplane-

I used to listen to a lot of “metal” and “hardcore” music in my high school days.  But, nothing was as influencial in my musical technicality as SEA.  Particularly once Travis Orbin became their drummer.  Sadly, it wasn’t long after Orbin joined the group, that a falling out between certain members led to the band breaking up. Anywho…I once had the pleasure of taking a drum lesson from Travis at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights. As intimidating as it was, he was one of the coolest, not to mention modest guys I’ve ever met.  We hung out back stage with the rest of the band, as well as the majority of the band Drop Dead Gorgeous.  It was fantastic!

#2  Relient K-

What can I say about Relient K?  Way too much, I think.  I’ll probably have to do an entire entry devoted to this band.  I guess I should start by saying that “Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek” was all but glued in my portable CD player in Jr. High.  I feel like I grew up with that band.  Their music helped me out in many of the hard times I faced as a kid. As their style developed, my taste in music expanded.  I remember when I was in my freshman biology class, I got in trouble for listening to “Mmhmm” while the teacher was talking.  That was when I started to notice a little more edge to their music, which I liked.  But, no matter what I was into,  you could be sure that Relient K was always in the rotation. :D 


#1  Jim Deulley


Just look at how awesome my Dad is! That ‘stache! Those sideburns! The crushed velvet sweater! He was the epitome of awesomeness!

My Dad is my hero. He has inspired me to do so many things, including play music. And, in a way, I owe him credit for everything I’ve ever accomplished. He’s supported me and pushed me when necessary. He has always believed in me, and to this day continues to support my artistic endeavors.

His album, “Don’t Lose Heart”, is the single most influential record in my life. It’s what got me into music in the first place.  So, if you like anything I do on here, you may as well just thank Jim Deulley! :P  I love you Dad!



Tunesday Review!


Tunesday Review is a short weekly feature which tells you what I’m listening to that week, why I am, and what I think about it.  So, here it goes!

Starlight cover art

Today I’d like to talk about the latest release by Attack Cat, a short seasonal album titled “Starlight”. 

I’m usually not one for Christmas albums, but this one’s a winner!  The song selection is great, and the arrangements are original and entertaining.  There is an array of different styles ranging from tribal like beats, to rock ballad riffs.  From acoustic finger picking, to French vocal duets!   The title track, being the only original song on the album, fits perfectly with the season and I believe has the makings to become a new Christmas Classic!  If you find yourself with a desire to delve into the holiday spirit, click here to get your copy of “Starlight” today!



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Triforce Scarf!

Can I start by saying that I love The Legend of Zelda?

Ocarina-of-Time-Logo-600x341 I grew up playing Ocarina of Time on the N64 with my grandpa (Yes, my grandpa. Papaw taught me to love video games. He’s a cool dude). I can remember my junior high and high school days, rocking Hot Topic tee shirts plastered with my favorite bands and video games. I had some pretty cool Zelda shirts. I have fortunately retired those shirts for the sake of looking my age and better fashion choices, but I thought it might be cool to come up with a way to be fashionable and nerdy at the same time. Thus, the Triforce Scarf was born. If you don’t know what the Triforce is, I suggest the following:
A. Play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Any game from the Zelda series will do, but OoT is my personal favorite.)
B. If you’re not the gaming type, just replace the term with the phrase “super cute triangle design” and pretend the nerdy stuff never happened. :)


This project took a day, and only cost about 8 bucks! Walmart carries super cheap plain scarves, and JoAnn’s had some fun shimmer fabric spray paint. Here’s what I did!

Scarf / Scissors or rotary cutter / Contact Paper / Scrap Cardboard / Fabric Paint (I used spray shimmer paint, but you could easily use a regular fabric paint and brush it on) / A Permanent Marker

Step 1: Cut out a stencil from scrap cardboard, and trace it onto your contact paper in whatever formation you want your design in. (My contact paper wasn’t wide enough on its own, so I cut a strip to make up for the width and added it to the side. Make sure you cut your contact paper a bit longer and wider than the scarf itself to protect the edges when you paint)

Step 2: Cut your design out of the contact paper. (I used a rotary cutter and a piece of styrofoam to protect my work surface. If your design is more detailed, I would suggest scissors… and a giant cup of coffee and a movie or something while you work. This can get time consuming.)
12-3-12 013

Step 3: Adhere your contact paper to the scarf. Make sure you press down nicely on the edges of the design and that you get out all the wrinkles so it goes on smoothly. (I had some help sticking mine on because it is so big! Thank you, Kim!)
12-3-12 014

Step 4: Take it outside and get to paintin’! Be careful around the edges of the design, and if you use the spray kind, make sure you do light, misty coats so it doesn’t pool under the contact paper (lesson learned the hard way!).
12-3-12 016

Step 5: Let it dry, and wear it proudly!

*Check your paint directions for any special washing instructions, and you are good to go.

I was a little over ambitious when I first thought of this project. I was going to make a unicorn scarf, but decided I didn’t want to spend hours and hours cutting thirty unicorns out, so I switched it up. Changing directions mid-projects is sometimes frustrating, but thankfully rewarding in this particular situation.


Happy Crafting, friends!



AcousTalk with Lowly, the Tree Ghost

Hey, friends! Matt & I have officially posted the new Deulley Noted AcousTalk video featuring our pals Lowly, the Tree Ghost! We had a great time getting to know these folks. They spun our "Wheel of Charity" and this month's donations will be headed to the Disabled American Veterans Fund. Thank you, Lowly, for your participation, and for making awesome music. You guys are fantastic! You can find Lowly, the Tree Ghost's Facebook here. -A